Auction service!

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Auction service!

Post by Joe on Wed Jul 09, 2008 12:44 am

Alrite, Since the Game itself has an auction hall, our trading section should have one too, this is how it works (more needed when we get more members in forum).

You may post a topic stating Auction (item name).
Everyitem has to have a S/B (starting bid), thats were every1 start bidding on.
It must have a bidding interval amount as in how much money you have to add everytime.
It may have an A/W standing for autowin, if some1 calls A/W the auction is over.

Auctions threads are effective for 72hrs (3days) after that the highest bidder wins, and Seller and Buyer can trade in-game.
You may withdraw your bid within 24hrs, if it is longer than that you may not withdraw unless permission of Seller.
All threads must state starting time and endtime, they will be locked and closed after 72hrs.

Thank You! bounce Very Happy

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